Join Us


Are you interested in helping to reduce the impact of HPV and cervical cancer domestically or globally?  Perhaps your passion is to help increase awareness, improve knowledge, or provide education among divers populations?  Or perhaps you are interested in helping with the organization efforts for the annual Run & Walk for Hope or fundraising? Please see the many volunteer opportunities below.  For more information on any of the programs, click the title.

  • Become a member of the organizing committee and help with the planning of the event
  • Volunteer on the day of the race to help ensure the success of the event
  • Identify and help solicit grants, corporate sponsors, and fundraising opportunities
  • Become a trainer for CAA
  • Organize a CAA train-the-trainer course in your community
  • Be a 'super' trainer for the CAA program
  • Become a trainer for WLWL
  • Organize a WLWL train-the-trainer course in your community
  • Be a 'super' trainer for the WLWL program
  • Organize a HPV Uncensored curriculum for your school
  • Become trained as an HPV Uncensored teacher
  • Become a 'super' teacher for teh HPV Uncensored program
  • Help with grants and other fundraising opportunities to increase cervical cancer screening in Georgia
  • If you are a clinician, donate your time in the Harriet Tubman Clinic to provide cerivical cancer screening and cancer detection
  • Travel with us to Latin American countries to implement the Con Amor Aprendemos program
  • Help with grant and other funding opportunities to expand educational programs and screenings for cervical cancer